The Sunny Side

We believe in celebrating the sunny side of life.

To singing in front of the mirror, driving with the sun roof down and laughing ‘til our sides hurt. You see, instead of chasing rainbows, we decided to make our own. We say no to negativity and boooo to boring – to us, life’s all about those little moments that make you smile and remind you that it’s all good if you want it to be.

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our story


In a world of E numbers and artificial, well pretty much everything, three clever individuals at Hall & Woodhouse LTD, a family owned brewery in Dorset, saw an opportunity for something a little bit more natural.

Hence, the recipe for delicious fruit juice and lightly sparkling spring water was born


Rio was originally named Arriva (derived from the French ‘arriver’ which means to arrive), before being trademark registered Rio Riva in 1994. Rio eventually dropped the Riva and became the drink we know and love today.

Rio has a makeover... and launches 500ml bottles


Still owned by the same people, the team and the family continue to look after and nurture Rio – spreading sunshine across the UK and making great tasting drinks for us all. We hope you like our brand new look, inspired by the bright colours and zingy ideas found in Brazilian street art. Whether it’s the much loved Rio Tropical or our new and improved Rio Tropical No Added Sugar (at just 17 calories per can), Rio can now be found in both 330ml can and 500ml bottle.

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