Rio rider Ben Moore shares his journey with us ...

Thursday, 18 October 2018 The Sunny Side

As the Red Bull Dark Knight champion, our boy Ben Moore shares some of his life's dreams with us which exemplify his #livethesunny values

Rio rider Ben Moore shares his journey with us ...

Turning a hobby into a full-time career is no mean feat, but through sheer dedication and passion that's exactly what Rio rider Ben Moore has done. We grabbed him for a five minute chat about his life and goals ...

What got you hooked into biking?

The adrenaline is like nothing else and hooked me straight in!

First bike?
Redline BMX

What set-up do you ride now?
I'm fortunate enough to have a full arsenal of bikes to use but my favourite is the Orange Alpine6; it has 170/160mm of single pivot suspension, 27.5 inch wheels and rides like nothing else!

When did you first start doing tricks on a bike?
I started at 14 years of age on Upton Heath. One thing led to another and the jumps kept getting bigger.

Favourite tricks to do?
I prefer the all out speed but do love a good backflip

How long does it take to learn to jump higher?
The best way is to do it 'step by step' and just keep gaining speed upon entry to the jump. Foam pits are very helpful to learn trick but don't be fooled into thinking the crashes into foam won't hurt, they still do - ouch!

Life goals - both on the track and off?
To obtain a world record, win the Urban DH finale in Mexico and have a big happy family of my own.

Who inspires you both riding and in life?
Several riders from the previous generation inspire me but also some huge role models such as Arnold Schwarzenegger who made a success in multiple industries even with people telling him constantly that he would fail.

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